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Local knowledge about Battslog

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Local knowledge about Battslog

Battersea: I miss u when leave london
Battersea: when u visit london don't forget go to battersea
Battersea: the metropolitan village
batter's better so come and sea!
Battersea: a better place for relax,eat,and read.
Battersea: is soul the london.
Where Better Than Battersea?
Battersea: We go up to (SW) eleven.
battersea: where bankers go to breed Batter...Si!
dogs and cats home shld thr b a bats home?
Battersea: our mum lives there, she loves it.
Battersea: fish from the ocean. Chips with that?
Power, puppies, a park: what more could you want?
its not just a power station,- its a power house.
Battersea: take a walk in the park/ fly a kite on the Festival Britain site
Battersea. The place to be
Battersea. Its good for me
Happy to be in Battersea
life's better in Battersea

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